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Cheap rental for students

Cheap rental for students

Washing machines, dryers and more from €9 p/m

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The advantages of Splash

Free delivery

We deliver throughout the whole of The Netherlands, connect the equipment and will remove an old machine for free.

High customer satisfaction

We are proud on the that our customers rate us on KiyOh.
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Free repairs

Repairs and replacement of the equipment is all included in the monthly rent!

Free transport of old device

Of course we will take an old machine for you when delivering, no costs.

Transfer contract

Are you moving? Simply transfer the contract to a housemate online, no costs!

Daily terminable

After the minimum period daily terminable with one month notice.

Our service

Splash Lease rents washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and many more to student houses all over the Netherlands. We’ll take care of delivery and repairs. Do you want to transfer the contract to your housemate? You can easily arrange this on our website!

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Paperless office

We are proud to have our “paperless office”. With that we have saved quite some trees over the years. Just like you, we find it very important to be concerned about the earth and other people. By minimalizing our paperwork we can proudly say that we work eco-friendly. And you must admit: sending an e-mail is much more easy than sending a letter, right?

Think about our (green) future

We only purchase efficient, eco-friendly equipment. For example: our Samsung washing machine has energylabel A+++ and all our refrigerators are eco-friendly. When we find our equipment too old to use, we just recycle them! In this way we collaborate in the circular economy and we maximize the recyclability of our equipment!

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