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Why it is better to rent from Splash Lease as a student!

Splash Lease rents devices to students. Think of washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. The low monthly price makes this affordable for every student. These are the advantages of renting from Splash Lease:

A low price per month

At Splash you can rent from €10 per month! If you divide this amount by all your housemates, you will hardly feel anything. So with 5 people you can have a washing machine for just €2.20 per month.

Large offer

Get rid of that mountain of dirty dishes that you have to wash yourself, you simply rent a dishwasher! And who still travels back and forth to your parental home with the dirty laundry? Of course you just do that yourself. We have plenty on offer on our website. Everyone will find a device that suits their home!

Here you will find your device

Free delivery and connection

Have you chosen your perfect device? Good! Our delivery people will deliver it to you for free, and will also connect it for you free of charge! You can use it right away. This allows us to take a burden off your shoulders.

Nice welcome package

You will immediately receive a nice welcome package from the delivery people! This contains the basic necessities for maintaining the device, as well as some nice things.

Old device? No problem!

Do you still have an old device? Our delivery staff will then immediately take it away for you. You don't have to worry about that anymore!

Need repair?

Of course, it sometimes happens that the device is broken. Don't worry, just contact Splash Lease (just text, super handy), and we will arrange it together.

Moving? Transfer your contract

Is the contract in your name and are you moving? You can log in on our website and transfer the contract to another housemate. Very easy!

Make money

You can earn money with us! There is a unique code on your My Splash page. When you recruit a friend, have him/her enter this code. Then you even get money!

Take a quick look at to choose your device!

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